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ClearDesign Simple Themes for Blackberry 8900,96xx,9700 os5.

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ClearDesign Simple Themes for Blackberry 8900,96xx,9700 os5.0

The theme is simple and very practical, the main screen to full screen, you can let your bb perfect presentation of the favorite wallpaper.
Subject transported to the banner of mobile technology, time, alarm, network signal, power, etc. can be moved, and 6 can customize the hidden icon.

 T - task Tsak, O - Options Options
 P - the phone Phone - the phone book Address
 S - Search Search - notepad , memo
 L - Calendar the Calendar C - write Compose
V - save the information the Saved messages
B - browser browser
N - BBM not open the service is not available
U - calculator calculate
M - the message messages
W - Management connection ManageConnections
G - Gmail
F - the profile Profiles
X - the multimedia Media, H - the download Downloads
Z - the music Music, of R - Alarm Clock

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