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3D Winter Game Fantasy for Blackberry v1.2.0

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3D Winter Game Fantasy for Blackberry v1.2.0

Winter Game Fantasy is a cartoon style 3D action game pack featuring three independent sports games - Penguin Ski, Polar Bear Sled and Orca Stunt. Each game features a personated cartoon animal as the athlete. The games are created in a vivid, fancy and fun-filled cartoon art style.
* Orca Stunt - a fun-filled time-trial and skill challenging game with an adorable Orca showing off its amazing underwater stunt when trying to collect treasures within the shortest time to get the highest score.
* Penguin Ski - a chubby penguin is the skier and racing rules is inspired by the alpine downhill ski.
* Polar Bear Sled - a fantasy style snowmobile racing game featuring polar bears as the racers.
* This application requires OpenGL ES for 3D graphics. It can run on BlackBerry® devices with OpenGL support, such as (as of May 2010) BlackBerry® Curve™ 8530, Bold™ 9650, Storm™ 9520/9550.
* You can use one of the following control methods to play the game: trackball, trackpad, touch-screen, QWERTY keypad. Notice that some keys (H,K,U,J,N) on QWERTY keypad have been virtually mapped to directional navigation keys.
BlackBerry 8530,BlackBerry 9350,BlackBerry 9360,BlackBerry 9520,BlackBerry 9550,BlackBerry 9650,BlackBerry 9670,BlackBerry 9810,BlackBerry 9850,BlackBerry 9860,BlackBerry 9900,BlackBerry 9930