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NobexRadio premium v3.0.6 - Now Free

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NobexRadio premium v3.0.6 - Now Free

RIM recently pushed another high priced app down to free, this is part of the ongoing “Compliments of BlackBerry” program from when they had the massive service outage last month. Nobex Radio Premium usually costs $9.99 and gives you the ability to stream radio stations and music from “over 16,000 stations in more than 100 countries around the world” to your Berry. In addition, there’s a social aspect to it as the app allows you to share what you’re listening to via BBM, Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you for choosing and supporting BlackBerry®. In appreciation, Nobex Radio Premium is free of charge for a limited time (a $9.99 USD value), compliments of BlackBerry.
Never miss your favorite radio programs again!
With the premium version of Nobex Radio you will instantly be able to:
Listen to premium, international content from over 16,000 stations in more than 100 countries around the world. Streaming is done either over WiFi, or through the carrier's network. If you have problems streaming, send us an email to and we'll guide you how to set up the connection to the carrier network.
Share what you are listening to with your friends through the new BBM integration, Facebook or Twitter!
Personalize Nobex Radio with your own pictures.
Get access to the “My Account” page which keeps track of the last songs you requested.
See the playlist of over 3,000 radio stations.
Additional features include:
Get Songs with a single click, right from your mobile device. Or, receive an email with links to buy the song on your PC, so you can always keep your music collection fresh!
Run Nobex Radio on sleep timer - choose anywhere between 15 minutes to 2 hours
Watch YouTube videos of your favorite songs
Nobex Radio: Never miss your favorite radio program again!