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Flipside media player v1.20.6

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Flipside media player v1.20.6
FlipSide has obviously been designed for what some people call “media friendly” BlackBerrys. Meaning that anyone who is currently running anything other that the 81XX, 83XX or 88XX series is unfortunately out of luck, as it plays music right from your media card.
    * V1.20.6 now allows you to use your volume control and back, play/pause, forward
       buttons (like the 8520 has top of screen) while flipside is running in background
       with OS 5 (installed leaked version)
       may also do it with 4.6 and 4.7
(Encountered a bug where the play/pause button on top of my 8520 does not work while
flipside is open, only while phone is holstered or flipside in background.
Not a train smash as it's more comfortable to use the spacebar when app is open anyway)
    * Bring your music alive with full color cover art
    * Find missing art direct from your BlackBerry
    * Discover new music at FlipSide Extras
    * Make playlists of your favorite tunes
    * Plays MP3, WMA, M4A and AAC files
    * Auto-pause when a call comes in
Spacebar to play and pause.
Hold Spacebar and release to go to next track
Hold alt and use the trackpad/ball to fast forward and rewind
Important note on Album art with flipside:
As you probably can guess, Flipside groups all mp3 according to the album specified in the physical 
To keep things simple, copy and group all mp3's in folders as per their Album or your own
              custom Album.
Then make sure all mp3's in each folder have that Album's and their artist name in the physical file
              properties (right click on file and click on properties then summary to check)
              What ever you specify in "Title" will be displayed as song name.
When you flip through each album they will be displayed as "Artist - Album"
              If some of the artist in each album are different they will be displayed as "Various - Album"
To use your own album art copy the album art in jpeg format to the Album's folder and rename
to artist_album.jpg
eg: if the album displays "Michael Jackson - HIStory", rename the .jpg file to
"Michael Jackson_HIStory.jpg"
Did it a few times, works like a charm.